Journey of Ethiopian Sign Language


In Ethiopia, modern education grew up from the wombs of church education. As stated by the church education known as traditional education is believed to have had a highly structured and organized system since the introduction of Christianity between the years 341-346 A.D. The long tradition of church education had no educational provision for deaf children. Getaneh further states that. There is no document showing the participation of the deaf in both traditional and modern education system; it is true that formal education for the deaf did not appear prior the mid 1950’s. The traditional forms of education had favored only the blind because the knowledge and concept development was based on auditory. Deaf people were often considered literally as “Donkoro”, “Stupid”, “Idiot”, “those who cannot be enlightened” and uneducable segment of people in the society. In fact, the meaning and the significance of deafness were not fully grasped [1].